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Kuldiga is considered to be one of the most romantic towns in Latvia. Kuldiga is a “must see” while visiting Kurzeme. It provides the true image of a Latvian town of the 16th and 17th century with its medieval atmosphere and charm. The famous Duke Jacob of Courland, the most prosperous Duke of the 17th century, was born here.

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Tourism information center

Kuldiga’s old and new Town Hall, Town Square

Old brick bridge across the Venta

Waterfall Ventas Rumba

Holy Trinity Catholic church

St. Katherine’s church

The house of burgomaster Stafenhagen

Duke Jacob’s Chemist’s shop

The Aleksupite waterfall

Kuldiga Orthodox church

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Kuldiga, the ancient town of Courland (Kurzeme), lies on the River Venta where the waterfall Rumba has formed. This used to be the centre of the former territory of the Cours - Bandava. The hillfort of Veckuldîga, that lies near the present town, on the left bank of the River Venta, was the biggest hillfort of the Cours. Already in the 9th century a settlement was formed near it.

The very first time when the name of Kuldiga was mentioned in any kind of official documents was in 1242 when Livonian Order started building the castle.

The echoes of Livonian chronicles narrate that the castle of the Order was built in Kuldiga during the reign of Dietrich Von Grüningen, the grand master of Livonian Order (1242-1245). At the beginning the castle was called Jesusburg, later Goldingen

Distance from Kuldiga to the biggest towns in Kurzeme